Fall is here!

Last week we had more great fishing with many sails and marlin released as well as roosters, but most of all; it was still all about the dorado. High boat for the week was the super panga MOSCA with Victor and angler Ron Holleyhead, with 8 dorado.

Anglers headed out early so they could get some fishing in before the residue of Hurricane Paul kicked in each day. Hardy anglers stayed out and fished until noon, while a few less seasoned pros chose to return early. The ones that were determined to fish, even if it meant getting wet were rewarded with sails, striped marlin, a blue marlin, jack cervalle, pargo and dorado.

Squid were available for bait but it didn’t seem to help when it came to tuna but there was plenty of action for our guests off La Ribera and down by the lighthouse. Just prior to the storm, we had sails, stripers, dorado and pargo as the main targeted species. And afterwards, the fishing picked right back up although there weren’t as many caught.

This week we saw a definite cool down, both in the air (early morning and overnight) and in water temperatures. The earlier part of the week we still had off-colored water inshore but the better bite was still found off Los Frailes. The bite consisted of the same we have been seeing for weeks now, sails, striped marlin, a few tuna and dorado were the main attractions.

Mid week, we hit our stride, at least in terms of variety. There were sails, striped marlin, a few more tuna and dorado plus pargo and barrilestes. By the end of the week, as early north winds stirred things up a bit and started cooling the waters some, pompano and a sierra were added to the list.   

This year, for the first time ever we bet the wind! Thanks to the new Cabo Rivera having some slips available, we were able to birth inside and simply drive our guests over there for a much more comfortable boarding and launch!  


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