Tuna tourney-the journey Day 2 of 3

2012 October 9, 11 and 13 Fish Tales Trilogy Part 2

Day 2 starts off as did Tuesday but instead of heading south we go east. At 24 miles we come upon a big school of porpoise. These are the wee small spotted porpoise, some not larger than a football- sized tuna and, it looks good. The school is 1 1/2 to 2 miles square and we can see baitfish jumping, some tuna and birds diving and working on the surface. Exactly what we have been looking for.

It’s lures out and start chumming. Immediately there is a response to our sardines. Patches of water start to boil and the few sardines we tossed out are flying out of the water trying to leap back onboard and out of the mouths of their pursuers. We’ve found the tuna and there are no other boats around. What we thought would be an easy catch and end up with a full boat load of fresh sashimi turned out to be some hard fishing. Even though we are the only boat and stay on the porpoises most of the day, we only managed 11 tuna and 2 white bonita (a type of tuna and great eating). All were good sized between 25 and 40 lbs.

For some reason, the fish weren’t interested in the sardines and most of the catch was on the hoochies and cedar plugs. But, there will be no complaints from me! Life is Good!


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