Dorado and sails-thanks to the rain

Our fishing report for this past week included a mixed bag of fish, weather and conditions but saw most concentrated efforts on dorado and sails. The Dottie B II had Jim Fyfe onboard one day, with 5 roosters, 2 sailfish and 1 marlin released. Then Dave Kryszak and crew, spending several days fishing but two onboard the Dottie, had 9 dorado and 1 marlin.

The Eclipse had the Hwang group one day with 4 dorado and amberjack and then hosted the Robinson’s the next day, releasing 2 sails and taking 7 dorado. The Liliana also found a couple of dorado for Barry Heyrend. Larry Chavez fished with Carlos on the Careleste; bringing back 3 dorado and 6 amberjack, while Ramon captained the 3 Hermanos for Glenn Davis, for 1 dorado and released several fish including 1 marlin and 2 sails mid week. Later in the week more of the Glenn Davis group were back at it, with 3 more dorado added to the group’s stash. The Yanet also had some of the Glenn Davis group onboard, taking 3 dorado and releasing 3 sails. Not to be left out, our newly equipped Mosca, with Kraig Brody onboard, had 3 dorado and 2 very nice pargo.   

So you can see why we said it was all about the dorado and sails this past week. Like almost all of the boats, our fleet started off of the Lighthouse Point for dorado and marlin and then some headed offshore looking for tuna. But the tuna have been here one day and then gone the next. The rain helped the dorado bite but not the tuna.

With a count of 37 dorado this past week, along with 9 sails released, a couple of marlin releases, a few nice-sized pargo, 5 roosterfish and lots of amberjack, there were fish to be had, when everything cooperated, just no tuna.

Here’s hoping I didn’t leave anyone out. We like to greet our guests every day when they return from fishing but it’s not always possible. If you would like us to post a fishing report and/or photos from your trip, just email us at  




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