Another good week!

The tuna and dorado counts continued to be outstanding and once again, our anglers had a great week, reeling in limits or near limits of both.

The tuna were a little bit more of a long shot-as they have been farther offshore, running with the porpoise and skipjack and not a sure thing. They were also football-sized still. But there were also billfish located throughout the area and almost all of our offshore anglers released at least one.

The dorado were close in and we could see the boats working them from the resort. Most of the fish were small but there were also some nice bulls mixed in. We had 172 in the counts this past week, caught on both lures and bait. Next up in the count were the tuna and we had 103 of them. Also in the count, were several sails, bonito, pargo and cabrilla.

The East Cape Sportfishing Club’s first International Sportfishing Tournament this coming Saturday, on September 1 and shaping up to be a great first time event, with some 35 to 40 boats anticipated.


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