Low pressure and now NO pressure!

What a week we had! The week started out where the previous had left off, with good fishing for dorado and tuna. Then we had the first real rain we’ve had in years and three days of it! The low pressure associated with it, did slow the bite, but with its departure, the bite was back on; this time for dorado and tuna as well as billfish. 

The “What the Hell” group, from northern CA has been coming to Baja for 34 years, with many of them owning homes in northern Baja. But this year, the group of 15 anglers and one diver chose to stay with us and we were happy to have this great group and fun bunch of guys!

Here’s a couple of shots of some of the guys. Some had such a good day, they came in early and I missed the shot.



During their stay, they could all be found poolside after a day of fishing, chowing down on slabs of freshly caught tuna and sharing dorado tales as they caught limits of them each day. And this group came prepared; taking no chances…they even brought their own wasabi! Next time they’ll know…. we have some here.

Some of our other guests this past week included brothers Chett (from Austin, TX) and Todd Fenimore (Mustang, OK). It was their first time with us as well, but you can bet it won’t be their last. Here’s Chatt (left) with his dorado of the day and bro, Todd, pointing to his biggest tuna of the day. Good job guys!


Totals for the week included 192 dorado (mostly peanuts) but as you can imagine, after the rain there was a lot of debris out there! And 141 tuna, found both breezing and associated with porpoise. By the weekend, they were scattered but abundant. We also had 7 sailfish, 4 marlin, some roosters, pargo, pompano, skipjack and amberjack….not bad for a week with three days of rain!   


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