Welcome to the Bisbee week!

With the first day of fishing behind us, it was a day all about the dorado, at least in terms of fish brought to the scale. A total of 5 were brought in, weighing between 33.8 pounds and the day’s winning fish, a 40.1-pound fish brought in by the Tiger Spirit.


A total of 33 billfish were released, 14 striped marlin sent back into the Sea of Cortez and 8 blue marlin accounted for. Two of which, when brought to the scales failed to meet the minimum weight of 300 pounds.

On Day Two at this posting (almost 2:00) the dorado are getting all the press, with 1 weighed in at 39.2 pounds. Also on the board are 32 billfish released, including 9 blue marlin released, 13 striped marlin returned, 10 sailfish and 2 dorado (only one stopped to weigh theirs). No tuna were reported.

Unofficially here’s how the money’s stacking up as of today-Day Two with one more day of fishing.

61 Teams are fishing with a mission; as there is a total of $457,200 up for grabs. Since no qualifying marlin were weighed the daily billfish jackpots roll over to today (Day 2). Big fish of Day 2 stands to earn $225,590.00

Day 1’s Top Dorado went to:
Tiger Spirit and Ned Wallace with his 40.1-pound fish earning them $11,262.50!
The Santana and Shawn Nerenberg weren’t far behind them with his 37.5-pound dorado.

With no tuna weighed in, the daily tuna jackpot rolls to Day Two. Big Fish of Day 2 in this division will earn $22,525.00

The top release teams were:
1 Wildcatters 300 points / 1 blue marlin
2 il Capriccio/National Car Rental 300 points / 1 blue marlin
3 Go Deeper 300 points / 1 blue marlin
So the Daily Jackpots that roll over are:
All of the billfish jackpots roll to Day 2 for $112,795.00
And the tuna jackpot rolls to Day 2 with $11,262.50


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