Fishing report for 5.27 to 6.2

It was a better week for some than others, with the water still not cooperating. The color has been off and water temperatures dropped as much as 10 degrees in some areas, especially down by Los Frailes; the directions many of the boats had been heading too.

The American Liberty Insurance group out of Utah, with Paul Cannon­­ at the helm brought 22 of his top staff down from Utah, Arizona and CA as a reward/incentive trip for a job “well done” and while some of the first-timers in the group had less success; on their first day out they all managed to see many tailers, lots of sea life for the first time, brought 6 marlin to the boat as well as jacks and triggerfish.

Not only was a turned over, off-colored, colder sea an issue but the winds had picked back up by the end of the week as well. Once again, the fish were there but getting any takers was the problem. Experienced anglers, such as the Accurate team, fishing onboard the Jen Wren III, did manage 18 marlin releases in four days though and were probably high boat of the week for the East Cape.

Bait was also an issue still; with sardina a “no show” and by the end of the week, most were resorting to frozen or brined bait. So, all-in-all, it was a week of fishing and many opportunities but not as much catching. Here’s hoping conditions improve SOON!


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