A note from our friends in New York state


John Manfredi, along with his lovely wife Jean sent this testimonial to us regarding their recent spring stay here at the resort. It was a pleasure having them as our guests

People ask me why I travel all the way across the country to go the Baja when there are so many nice places to go on the East Coast. And I tell them, that I have been all over the Caribbean Islands and even own a nice home in Florida. But for me, my idea of paradise is here at the Hotel Buena Vista Beach Resort.

For the price and the beauty of it there is no place else I would rather be for tranquility, beauty and the water. I am sitting here right now having lunch on the patio looking out on the Sea of Cortez and I’m maybe 100 feet from the water. The sea is calm and it’s a beautiful spring day.

The resort was built many years ago on a hot springs with minerals and this is a bonus. We have stayed at some regular health spas and I can tell you that the hot springs here is the real deal.

The water in the pool, in the hot tub and even the water you shower with all come from the mineral springs. If you can come down here, even for a short stay, your skin will feel the difference.

For me, I have arthritis and staying in the pool and in the hot tub have just been terrific. And for the women: the water beautifies the skin. It may not make you look 20 years younger but if you stay for a week or so, you will feel the difference.

They also have beautiful cuisine that includes both Mexican and American food and both are good.

For me, what I enjoy is getting up and going fishing. For fishermen this IS a paradise. I usually come in May and here’s what I’ve caught then. On this trip I’ve caught a 180-pound, a 170-pound striped marlin and released several others since you can only take so much meat back. You bring your fish in and they are there waiting for you. They take the fish fillet, freeze, package it and freeze it for you so it’s ready to be brought home. They will also prepare some of it for dinner for you.  

Other days, I have gone out and caught roosterfish, a fish indigenous to the area this time of year and also not found where I come from. If you’re a fisherman, you have to catch one! I also caught dorado and on previous trips I’ve caught sailfish and tuna in the month of May. That variety of fish is very difficult to get anywhere else in the month of May.

When you come in from the boat, you head to the pool to cool off and relax. You swim up to the bar and sit down while people on the other side also have a drink.

My wife doesn’t join me on the boat. But she loves the tranquility and when not in the pool she sits in a lounge chair in a cabana on the beach. If you like to walk on the beach a little, that’s fine but you have about 100 miles of white, clean beaches to the left and to the right of the resort, with hardly anyone on it. That’s how peaceful it is here.

Summing it up; between the economical value of what you get for your dollar here and the beauty here, I will say again. I have found my paradise.

If you have a place that you think is better, contact me through the resort and I will go there if you come here for the same amount of time. And I guarantee you will find the paradise that I have.


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