First taste to tuna

We all kind of struggled this past week trying to get fish to bite but luckily towards the weekend things started to pick up for us. Earlier in the week my brother found some tuna on his way back from the mainland but the rest of us had to wait. Then on Friday we finally started to see them closer to us. The water temperatures are still all over the map but things should start to settle into a better pattern and then all of these fish we are seeing but not catching will hopefully start to bite.

For the most part our captains were running straight out about 10 miles and trolling baits targeting marlin and dorado. But we also had anglers that started the day offshore and then finished the day closer in looking for pompano, triggerfish and roosters. Our reports run from Saturday to Saturday and included 8 nice-sized dorado, a few jack crevalle and pompano, 8 roosters, 1 hammerhead shark released, 1 released sailfish, 11 striped marlin with eight they were able to release, 35 triggerfish for the kids fishing and 12 tuna.


Saludos from the Hotel Buena Vista Beach Resort,

Felipe Valdez


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