Roosterfish “Fish of the week”

The fish are definitely out there but most could only look at them and curse them for not biting.


The bite also tapered off, in part thanks to the “super” moon. We had 19 boats out this past week (through Saturday) with a total of 7 striped marlin and 1 sailfish. Fish of the week were roosterfish but anglers had to work hard to get them to go.

All of our boat went south, as far down as Los Frailes. We are very close to things busting wide open, but remember, May is still a transition month but considering that; the waters are looking good and we are right on track for another great season. Next up should be the tuna followed by the black and blues. Included in the weekly fish count were also cabrilla, 3 nice-sized dorado, jack crevalle, needlefish, 1 shark, skipjack, several snapper, and 4 trumpetfish.


A few of my dock workers watched huge schools of big mullet swarming under and around the ramp, with a few big gallos in pursuit. Since then all of the boats have been swinging by here in the afternoon, chumming and trying to get them to go but so far only the frigate birds are the only ones taking baits.

Saludos from the Hotel Buena Vista Beach Resort,

Felipe Valdez


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