April was a blast!

April’s usually a transition month, both weather wise and fishing wise but if the last week or so is any indication of what we can expect as we head into our high season, it’s going to be one heck of a year!

This past winter we had the best yellowtail bite, some say in 20 years! And so far this April, we’ve had a 12 species count that includes striped marlin, sailfish, shark and roosterfish back in the counts.

The waters are warming up quickly and are into the mid 70s already; even with the wind we had again this past week. Now that the spring bite’s here…it’s time to bring the weekly fishing reports back as well. The waters are shaping up and we are hoping to see the return of the tuna soon as well.

If you’re headed this way you should consider switching things up just a bit…try some night beach fishing with me! It’s an adventure and a half!!! We were catching yellows, now we’re onto the pargo.


A couple of the Lance Campers group not only had a blast, but some nice pargo as well.

Sharing some of the details from their trip, Dane Straub and Murry Vargham said they drove to their surf fishing spot, past the San Jose Airport at dusk before heading off down a dirt, then sandy road towards the beach and their final destination.

“We were in 4-wheel drive, kicking up sand one minute and then tying up rigs in the pitch dark the next,” they said. “You can’t imagine how many stars there are to see when you are in a remote area like that!”

“Next we put the rod holders in the ground, tipped them with glow sticks, started chumming the waters and waited for the fish to come off of the rocks.”

The Lance Camper reps. said the smaller 10-pound pargo that came first, got tangled up in the rocks but the fish managed to free itself, only to be landed in the pitch dark with waves crashing all around them.

“Pargo are very powerful fighters and mine, a 37 pounder, just about did me in,” Straub said. “Felipe yelled, ‘Fish on’ and grabbed the Penn reel to tighten down the drag. “Don’t let it go” was the next thing I heard among the powerful breaking waves. They waves actually helped me. Just as I was about to throw in the towel and hand off the rod, another wave came crashing down and there was my fish, flapping around in the surf on the beach. It was an experience we won’t forget anytime soon!”


This past week’s winds had an impact on the bite. The action that was heating up cooled just a bite with the windy days. Even so, our guests went out almost every day; we had a nice variety of fish and plenty of fillets to go around. There were tailers spotted everywhere but not as many takers by the end of the week.


Now the seas is calming back down and the marlin have showed back up in large numbers just a few miles off Punta Colorada. We just have to get these finicky biters to except our offerings. As of Saturday we had a fish count of 12 striped marlin, 4 sailfish, 7 dorado, 1 sierra, 3 sharks, 10 roosters, 3 nice pargo, 1 triggerfish and 9 pompano for last week. Most went offshore to try for marlin or a dorado but with the roosterfishing, pompano and jacks on a tear inshore, it’ll be tough to decide where to go first!


More fishing news to come…things are just getting started!


Saludos from the Hotel Buena Vista Beach Resort and me,

Felipe Valdez



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