April Alegria report

Fishing on the Alegria, local “Beerman” shared his day on the water story.”

We had such a good day yesterday on the Alegria, Mike and I thought we would do it again today.

We got live bait and ballyhoo and lures, but nothing seems to work. We saw a lot of fish yesterday and are seeing at least twice that many today. Oops, I spoke too soon. Mike hooks up with a Striper using live bait and the “No catch ‘em” spell is broken.

Now I have to tell you about the dorado. We are trolling using small lures when the right outrigger comes unbuttoned and I set the hook on a big dorado, at least 50 pounds.

It’s on!  It’s off!

But that’s not all. As Mike was reeling in the other line so I can fight my dorado, he gets a hook up. We got a double going! For a short time anyway, since mine makes a wild jump and tosses the lure at me.

For the rest of the day, its “look at the fish jumping all around us” but no more hook ups. So, its reel in the lines and lets go home. When out of the blue depths a monster dorado slams my lure just before I get it to the boat.

I set the hook and get ready for a battle as this fish must be in the 60-lb range. It makes a spectacular jump about 50 yards behind the boat and the line goes slack! The 300-lb. steel leader on the lure breaks.

P.S. Yesterday I recorded the hottest day this year. It’s not even May yet!

ImageHere’s Mike’s nice dodo.

Saludos, from Hotel Buena Vista Beach Resort in sunny East Cape

Felipe Valdez


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