Slow turns to go


The message has been the same as the North wind raged for the past five days…slow! What a bummer! This after suffering through a ridiculously slow October that is finally coming to a close with ghosts, goblins and witches lurking in the final dark night.

However, the dorado have reappeared at the shark buoys, and it looks like there might be an early November marlin bite that could turn out to be memorable. Trick or treat tonight and be up early tomorrow to see if it will work on the water as well.


Here are the numbers:

11 Striped Marlin 11R
3 Sailfish 3R
32 Dorado
1 Tuna
1 Wahoo
3 Amberjack
100 Snapper
3 Sierra
1 Cabrilla
7 Roosterfish 7R
5 Jack Crevalle 5R

2011 Tuesday, October 25 Fish Tale – It’s been just over a month since my last “Fish Tale” and although I have been busy with construction projects at both houses and visiting friends from California and Alaska, I have managed to wet my lines nine times between Tales.

Today was beautiful; about 90 degrees on water as clear and dark blue as your imagination will take you. Lots of fishing this week, but not much catching. Tuna have been scarce and the marlin and sailfish have changed tactics.

Most of the catching resulted from going to known bait-holes, turning off the engines and soaking bait (fishing with live bait) on 100 to 200 feet of line. Now, if you thought trolling for 6 to 8 hours without a strike was boring!

The other 8 days of fishing we had conditions ranging from calm days like today to a day with 6 foot waves and wind. We did catch and/or release two Dorado, one tuna, four Striped Marlin, three Sailfish and a number of large Skipjack. One of the marlin was caught by the son of friends from Alaska and it was his first!

We were out-smarted by at least one Wahoo, six sailfish, two Striped Marlin and a Blue Marlin.

The tournaments are over for the year and the temperatures are cooling off at night. The winds are starting to change and come from the North, so I know the end of the fishing season is not far off. I won’t be fishing as much, but will keep you updated of my adventures as they come along.

Attached are a couple pictures including the new arbor added to Casa Beerman for more shade during the summer.

Life is Good!



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