Full Moon Bites

Full moon of September at 630am its the light that we have and still lots of fish.
Mr. Rubins brought back limits on tuna on his first day.

How do we characterize the tuna bite?  Start with Hot, Hotter and Hottest.  Then go from there with bent rods, aching backs, sore muscles and plates of sashimi during cocktail hour.  While the tuna action continues for quality fish in the 30- to 50-pound range, our other species continue to play catch-up with dorado leading the pack.






Ryan Wager from San Diego, CA fishing on a panga with Alex caught two tuna and released one sailfish.

The perennial favorite, roosterfish, was not targeted by any of our anglers this week because of the excellent yellowfin tuna bite.

With the warm water, sailfish releases led the way in the billfish category with only one blue marlin caught

We had a total of 20 charters with the following numbers:
(R indicates Released)

1 Blue Marlin
4 Sailfish 4R
5 Dorado
72 Tuna
1 Cabrilla
5 Amberjack
1 Pompano

2011 Thursday September 15 Fish Tale – My quest continues for a world record length fish. In my last ‘Tale’, I had two records and had completed all the applications, written the checks and was ready for the mail. Then I got the update from IGFA. Both had already been broken. Good news is, I was able to retrieve and VOID the checks and buy another keg of beer!

This time a jack or almaco. The current record is 80 cm, mine was 81. Bad news – you have to exceed the existing record by 2 cm to replace it in the record books.


Today starts the big Mexican holiday weekend, Independence Day.  I can celebrate two Fourths of July each year.



Life is Good!


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