June began with a ‘win-win’ week.

Good weather most of the week with a few windy days toward the end produced one of our best weeks of the young season.

Always a good sign of more billfish moving into the area was a number of jumping marlin seen on the grounds.  From South of the hotel, beginning at Las Frailes, and continuing all the way down to Las Destiladeras area, there were plenty of marlin sightings, but the trick was getting them to bite.

On the other end of the spectrum, the wahoo did bite, but caught many of our anglers without wire leaders; even the heaviest of fluorocarbon leaders appeared to be sliced by the razor-sharp wahoo teeth.

Outside of Punta Pescadero toward the 88, the schools of porpoise were found with a good grade of yellowfin tuna up to a hump-and-a-half.

Last week’s catch totals included:
14 striped marlin
15 dorado
7 tuna
2 cabrilla
1 wahoo
4 sierra
7 rooster
1 bonito
6 skipjack
11 pargo

Other fishing news this week was the success of Captain Juan Garcia on the Alegria with a come-from-behind win on the last day of the El Debate Tournament in Topolobampo, Sinaloa, Mexico with a huge 219 pound marlin; Dottie B II with Captain Vicente Cosio also placed  in the El Debate Tournament.

The two boats left the hotel on Thursday morning for the uneventful six hour crossing to Sinaloa.

On the first day, Dottie B II released two marlin while Alegria missed a wahoo bite. The winning fish for the first day was a 182-pound tuna.

Dottie B II got off to a fast start on the second day, landing a 67-pound yellowfin tuna that ultimately captured Second Place in Category B (dorado, tuna and wahoo).  Later in the day, two more striped marlin earned the team a Third Place finish in Category A for Captain Vicente Cosio, mate Marcos Garcia, and team members, Esaul Valdez, Miguel Angel Garcia, Carlos Lanzagorta and Antonio Ochoa.

Congratulations as well to our other boat, the Alegria, with Captain Juan Garcia and his team of Tom Kolasinski (aka Beerman), Alex Castro and Carlos Castro for their come-from-behind win with an impressive 219-pound striped marlin.

Here is Tom Kolasinski’s (aka Beerman),  story in his own words.

“In spite of Saturday’s poor results, we stuck with our game plan for Sunday, so its 9am and we are 20 miles south of the “Rock”. We drop back two live bait and start getting ready to slow troll when Mickey sees a marlin jumping not 100 yards from the boat.

Alex happens to be by the live bait rod and quickly tosses the bait towards the marlin and hands the rod to me. Like a freight train the marlin attacks the bait, the hook is set on the bait rod which has 50 lb. test line and 130 lb. test leader. Forty minutes later, the crew pulls the marlin into the boat and it’s a big one. I’m guessing 200 lbs. Mickey is saying 140.lbs. (with a smile on his face).

With a striped marlin, which will definitely be a contender on board, we go to plan “C” which is to troll with small lures trying for sailfish or a big Dorado. The biggest sailfish today will get $100,000 pesos. The biggest Dorado will get a new car or money. Now, we are out for the money!

It’s 2pm and the seas are 6 to 8 feet with high winds. This is no fun! Tournament Control announces that the tournament is cancelled and no more fish will be accepted, only those reported before now.  This is definitely good for me.

The captain and crew are soaked and I am in the cabin hiding from the waves.  The trip in was the most anxious part of the tournament.  We arrive at 4pm and the fish weighs in at 219.82 lbs! The biggest striped marlin I have ever boated. There is one more marlin to be brought in and weighed.

We keep our fingers crossed till 6pm when the judges officially announce me the winner of the tournament and biggest marlin of the day! WOW! Two more new cars.

I am the only three-time champion and have won a total of 5 new cars and $80,000 pesos in 10 tournaments.”

Good going to both teams and my brother Esaul for their impressive effort over on the mainland of Mexico.

Felipe Valdez



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  1. John Glassmoyer says:

    I am reading the reports with great interest and counting the days until we will be back at Buena Vista (Aug,5,2011) to get in on the action! Todd Brusco and I will be there for 4 days and are really looking forward to it. Really enjoy the reports, Felipe and can’t wait ’till August.
    John Glassmoyer

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