Are you ready for your 2011 East Cape trip?

If you are one of the many who are coming, here´s a welcome heads up: Conditions here are perfect.  We’re seeing warm water coming in, the Terrafin is showing better chlorophyll and temperature conditions.

Recently, I asked one of our captains to move from the La Ribera area further out to a line of warm water; and as soon he passed the line, they released couple of marlin and landed three dorado.

There have been plenty of billfish around for weeks, but they have not been very aggressive . . .  full of squid everyone believes.  Last weekend our fleet released 20 marlin, which is highly promising for the upcoming weeks.

We’re seeing more sargasso than we have in several years and the dorado are already schooled up beneath the floating weed patches.
Roosterfish and jacks have been feeding on the surface and one of our boats released seven in one day.

Bottom fishing has been promising and consistent for amberjack, snapper and cabrilla on both bait and jigs.

Concerning bait – sardine, jacks and even mackerel are available. The mackerel you have to catch yourself since no one is fishing for them to sell.

One big question recently is where are the tuna?  They are beginning to show sporadically. Every day is different.  Last week our fleet caught a couple of handfuls in the 20-pound class, not with the porpoise, just trolling with cedars and hootchies around sand castles down south. I also heard that some other boats caught about five on a porpoise school about 50 miles out, where the warmer water is.

As I write the report, our only boat out today has one striped marlin released and four dorado in the box already!


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