Don’t leave fish…

One of our regulars fished last Thursday and his report reflects the quiet frustration in the way the season continues to bump along:

After an hour or so of trolling, we discovered a plume of warmer water close to shore with fish feeding on the surface. For the next 30 minutes things got real hectic with a lot of action. We found a school of Pacific crevalle (jack crevalle or toro) in the 30 – 40 pound range.

These are great fishing (not good eating) with light line or spinning gear; they’re strong fighters that kept knocking the lines out of rigger clips. Several managed to hook themselves. Once we had five on at one time. All-in-all we released four.

It was fun, but we were looking for marlin so we headed out further. Once again the old adage about not leaving fish to find fish was confirmed.

For the rest of the day we tried everything we could think of to hook up with a marlin. No luck at all. We had five knock-downs and tossed live bait to three, but we just couldn’t get one to stay on the hook.

Offshore action remains a hit or miss proposition for billfish, yellowfin tuna and dorado. Inshore provided anglers the best action with pargo, cabrilla and pompano. All those plus the jacks and enough roosterfish made it interesting. Once again, another thresher shark was landed a few miles outside of La Ribera.

Felipe Valdez


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