Spring Fling

fly caught sierraThe arrival of springtime fishing coincided with the return of Pudge Kleinkauf’s  annual event here at the hotel.   Pudge is the owner of Women’s Flyfishing®  based out of Anchorage, AK.  and for the past 15 years she has brought a group of first timers and seasoned flyfishing veterans who have welcomed East Cape’s warm springtime weather. In addition, this year’s lady anglers enjoyed the week of good-to-great inshore fishing.

According to guides Jeff DeBrown and Lance Peterson, the species list included  bonito, skipjack, sierra, jack cravelle, roosterfish and cabrilla…so numerous that it wasn’t unusual for all the ladies on the boats to be hooked up at the same time. By week’s end, all were pleased with their catches and their digital cameras were filled with photos to share with friends and family when they returned home.

Another hotel client, Tom Kolasinski, aka Beerman, and his friend Rolf from California fished on Alegria with Captain Juan last Saturday.

Beerman and Rolf were waiting at 7:00 a.m. sharp as Alegria slid along the portable pier. Within the hour the lures rigged with ballyhoo were popping in and out of wake behind the boat. As the second hour of the day began, the white and green 3.5 Zuker lure was hit hard; Beerman grabs the rod and five turns of the handle later the mystery fish is gone.

Still moving at trolling speed, Beerman jigs the lure back and forth hoping to attract the mystery fish back for a re-match. The mate grabs a live-bait rod and drops back the rigged mackerel. Before the bait even reaches the first lure, a telltale sickle tail appears behind the live bait.  As the marlin turns and heads for the horizon, the Owner circle hook impales the fleeing fish in the corner of the mouth…FISH ON!

Striper leaping away

Rolf is old school and quite comfortable battling the fish to the side of the boat in twenty minutes with a Penn 4/0 loaded with forty pound line.

Then the trip became all about rest and relaxation as the anglers sip beer or nap while trolling.

Suddenly, well, three hours later, the mate jumps down from the bridge, grabs a bait rod and flings the hapless live mackerel as far as he can off the side of the boat. The striped marlin swimming on the surface immediately turns and inhales the bait and its FISH ON again.

Beerman battles bruiserBeerman plops down in what he refers to as the office chair and begins battling the good-sized striper. This one is not a wimp and behaves more like a blue, skimming across the surface. At one point it outraces the boat, forcing the angler out of the chair and to the gunnel so Captain Juan can follow the disappearing fish. Then it tail walks some distance behind the boat.  Next it is a few feet off the transom waving that fearsome bill in the angler’s face. It is another half hour before the hook is removed and the fish is released. Two stripers for two bites is a pretty good way to spring into an early Baja season!



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