April Fool’s Weekend proves worthwhile


Pink skies at night anglers delight
Several boats fished this week with varying results. Paul Cannon, Salt Lake City, along with Hideo Takayama, Los Angeles, fished with Captain Juan aboard the Alegria. The first day, they fished near Punta Perico and caught five snapper plus cabrilla. On the way back to the hotel,  Captain Juan heard there were breezing schools of small roosterfish chasing sardina off El Cardonal to finish up their great light tackle outing.


Meanwhile, Yanet’s skipper, Felipe Ruiz, along with Theodore Wierzbanowski and his wife began at the south end of Isla Cerralvo, but found the action slow and headed inshore to Punta Perico where they landed a large cabrilla.

Next, Captain Felipe went to the Island, but had no luck so they returned to Punta Perico where they got another big cabrilla as well as some pargo in the rocks.

The following day, both boats hightailed it to Boca del Alamo to load up on live bait before checking out some of the offshore banks. It proved to be a good move for both boats.

Finding a mixed bag of action, Takayama and  Cannon, in only a half-day of fishing on the Alegria, landed  one quality yellowtail, five pompano, six cabrilla and lost count of all the barrilete they caught. The highlight of the day for them was a hammerhead shark that put up quite a fight before being brought alongside for a few photo ops. Meanwhile, the Wierzbanowskis on their partner boat the Yanet did nearly as well, landing more yellowtail (three), plus four pargo and seven cabrilla convincing them that the day after April Fool’s day at East Cape was pretty special.

Felipe Valdez


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