The beer and NCAA

Last weekend (3/26-27) we had one boat out with our client who goes by the name “Beerman.” He provided the following report:

Saturday, the weather had cooled down to the mid-60s, but we still couldn’t resist the urge to scratch our fishing itch.

The plan was to start close to the beach and get an ice chest full of sierra mackerel (later to be converted into ceviche), then to a couple fishing holes for bottom fish such as snapper and sea bass and anything else that we could entice.

Half a case of Cerveza later at 11:30, we had lost way more sierra than we had in the ice chest plus a sea bass and one mystery fish that Captain Alex swore was good eating.

Next, we trolled outside for marlin and dorado despite knowing that it would be real iffy as no one has caught either all week. True to our instincts, there were none to be found. The only excitement was when a one of the small lures we were using disappeared in a swirl. Our excitement soared for a minute or two until the easily distinguished black sickle-like fin of a Mako shark broke the surface. We broke it off at the side of the boat, but luck was with us and we recovered the small Rapala as the Mako swam away.

We still had enough Cerveza to go with a big batch of ceviche while we watched NCAA basketball all day Sunday.

Next week they will try again!

Felipe Valdez


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