March Madness??

Last week, two boats out of the hotel in Buena Vista. One travels four miles slightly north of Punta Pescadero with the Bianchini family  and finds some great action.  They released a marlin, plus they landed a couple of dorado in the twenty-pound class while the granddaddy, larger than the combined weight of the two they landed, was last seen leaping toward the horizon.

That would have been enough to qualify as a pretty gosh-darned good March day, but the Tres Hermanos kept fishing. You know how it is, nice weather and all. So with nothing else in sight, they found and caught a hammerhead and a mako shark. Producing an action-packed March day for the Tres Hermanos and the Bianchini family  .

The other boat, a panga, remained close to shore trying to scratch up anything that might be tricked into eating a fly. No such luck…so the angler settled for a couple of cabrilla on gear.

Another hotel boat fishing out of San Jose closer to the tip caught sierra along with other miscellaneous bottom fish.

The local bait guys seemed to be have adequate sardina, caballito and ballyhoo available  for purchase.

A number of boats are competing in what may be the last Copa de Gobernador Tournament ever. Tom “Beerman” Kolasinski is competing on a hotel boat…more later.

Felipe Valdez


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