They’re here!

The week was a little up and down, in part due to some winds early in the week here at Buenavista Beach Resort. But this season is looking very promising – with warmer than usual water temperature readings. It looks like an El Niño may develop later this year.

Neighbors fished 4 or 5 miles off the Lighthouse and found this season’s first yellowfin tuna. Founds in two different schools of porpoise, this is very encouraging.

The dorado never really left us this winter, but for the most part there were not many of the big boys around. There were however, plenty of striped marlin around – and they are still here. The Okuma Group released 8 or 9, the Patterson’s 3 (which earned them Hotel Buenavista Beach Resort release badges) and our neighbors released another one this afternoon 19 miles out in 81-degree waters.

The Patterson’s

The Patterson’s

It’s all about being flexible

The fall/winter transition is upon us here at Buenavista Beach Resort. And while it doesn’t mean that we have put on our long johns, it does mean that we’ll start to change which species we target. When one opportunity disappears, another one pops up in our bountiful Sea of Cortez. All you need to do is plan on leaving a “window open” of a few days, in order to be flexible wind wise. If you can – so can we! Just tell you want to fish say …. two days during your stay, and we’ll find the best ones for you.

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If you choose this time of year, you’ll still find some good fishing for table fare, but you’ll also find more of Mother Nature’s blessing waiting for you, too. Right now we are still releasing baby turtles (read about our last release here), and already seeing many pods of whales breaching and enjoying our warm waters. There is also other sea life showing up, including manta rays, sea lions, turtles and lots of birds.

You don’t always have to be on a boat to view all of the wonderful sea life in the Sea of Cortez. This whale shot was taken right off our beach at Buenavista Beach Resort!

Whales-jumpingThis past week the Grill brothers and buddy Bob fished with us both out of Buenavista Beach Resort and from San Jose del Cabo. Speaking with them just prior to their return home, they tallied on fingers and toes the number of species and fish they had encountered. It’s a good thing they could each take an ice chest home!

On their first day, fishing from here, John Grill (who caught the largest wahoo on the trip) from Forestville, CA, Bob Naiman from Friday Harbor, WA and Paul and Mark Grill from Healdsburg, CA caught 6 to 8 dorado up to 20 pounds from Punta Pescadero out to the Shark Buoys. After that the winds came up and they fished the next three days down in San Jose on the Dottie. Trolling the Iman, they got 2 wahoo, mooched dead sardines for yellowfin tuna and got 3 dorado their first day.

Day two, they loaded back up in the van with their coffees and juice, breakfast burritos and lunches for another day’s adventure.  This is the day John got an early Christmas present; a 55- to 57-pound wahoo. The group also got a 30-pound yellowfin tuna and saw lots more breaching whale pods.

wahoo 06On Thursday, their last day out of San Jose was actually their best. They had 4 dorado, a ton of needlefish, more tuna to 25 pounds, tossed back small dorado, caught tasty triggerfish, and even caught a huge pargo estimated at 70 to 80 pounds. Mother Nature said “Good-bye” to the guys by showing off a forming water spout in the distance and more whales.

Locally, the “Tin Boat Regatta” were just about the only ones around to get in on the great local fishing. Our neighbors were enjoying large collective feasts of wahoo and dorado. And Buenavista Beach Resort’s Chef Elmo was scouring pargo to 30 pounds off the beach here at night after work.


A week all about family

For this late in the season the fishing on the East Cape and at Buenavista Beach Resort remained very good.

The water is still a little warmer than usual (79 to 80 degrees) and for the most part,
the winds stayed down. But even on the occasional windy afternoons, the cool mornings still
climbed to 75 and 85 degrees. One of our best years ever for billfish continued with an equal mix
of sails and striped marlin. There were a few more larger dodos in the mix, more of the elusive
speedsters (wahoo) came into the spread and some big sierra were taken on the troll as well as
from the beach.
It was another busy week, especially with the Bloom Clan still around. Kennedy Meadows
Resort & Pack station owners Matt and Leslie Bloom had brought down both sets of
grandparents, his brothers, their wives and all seven of the kids from 7 to 17 years old for some
Thanksgivings feasting and fishing. And while fishing was the number one goal for just about
everyone it seemed, they also managed some offsite trips and a quad ride to the waterfalls.
Between the kids and the adults they caught 35 dorado, 7 sierra, 4 needlefish, 2 triggerfish and 2
wahoo on their fishing days. And that doesn’t even include the billfish released, or the ones that
didn’t quite make into the boat.
Bloom Clan
7-year-old Gavin Lanini got to spend some quality time with cousin Spencer Bloom.
bloom kids
While William Bloom got to fish with his two grandfathers. How lucky was he!
The real surprise though, came on their first day of fishing, which just happened to be the last
day of the new Los Cabos Big Game Charter Boat Classic, mentioned last week. Since it was
free to enter anyway, each of the kids, women and guys entered in their divisions. Competing
against fishing families from San Jose and Cabo guess what?
Gavin Lanini
Young Gavin Lanini won the Jr. Angler Division on the second day of the 2-day event! So after
he gets home his “special time” will continue, as he will have a King Sailfish Mounts trophy and
prize pack mailed to him, and his picture in Western Outdoor News.
Turtle release
And while the Sea of Cortez may have given up some of her bounty, the Bloom clan and kids
gave back – helping to release 250 baby turtle after a day of fishing, before heading up to the
terrace at Buenavista Beach Resort for their Thanksgiving dinner – in a week that truly was – all
about family.
The Valdez Family & Buenavista Beach Report, hope you had as wonderful of a Thanksgiving week and
weekend as we all did. Our friends and family had a lot to be thankful for!

Who said it’s “the slow” season?

It’s hard to say “things are slowing down”, with very little wind in sight, the dorado fishing continues strong and other species are showing up in the counts, too!

The Buenavista Beach Resort is proud to have been chosen as the official sign-up and weigh-in station for the inaugural Los Cabos Classic Charter Tourney, which was held both Friday and Saturday. Grandfathered into this event sponsored by the Los Cabos Tourist Board, there was NO entry fee; all you had to do was fish on a chartered boat – no private ones or professional teams. There is $25,000 up for grab in the Overall, Women and Youth divisions. Next year we’ll try to give you a “heads up” sooner!

Day 1 Wahoo winner from the three tourney sites of Cabo, San Jose and the East Cape was taken by East Cape angler Allen Broderick with his 34.3-pound wahoo on the Marlintini. Way to represent the East Cape!

Wahoo winner

We also had our own heroes: Here’s Armando, Herman and Veronica from the day they fished out of San Jose on the Eclipse. They also fished the first day of the Classic, with Armando weighing the first dorado for the East Cape, and Veronica the first fish in the gals division and the first of 2 released billfish!

Armando Hernan & veronica

We also had the Flynn group here, who caught (and ate) so many dorado that we almost ran out of new ways to prepare it each night – thank goodness for Chef Elmo! From left to right, here’s Dave Dixon, Kevin Flynn, Kelly McKinley and John Janello from northern CA enjoying their dorado “three ways” version for the night of grilled tacos, sashimi and enchiladas. Over their four days of fishing with us out of both the East Cape and San Jose, they tallied 17 dorado, 3 giant needlefish, 6 tuna, 1 snapper, 1 white cabrillo, too many skipjack to count and released a 150-pound striped marlin. And that was just the one group!


We had two different TV film crews, one from the mainland and Bill Boyce, filming his new series, Baja Adventures who fished with Felipe Valdez. They got some GREAT marlin shots but couldn’t get them to bite, as well as these dodos. That’s Felipe on the far left and Bill in red on the right.

Bill Boyce Crew

Beach fishing was also good, with bait and the gallos close in, Felipe guiding an angler to this nice 20 pounder, and triggerfish and sierra off our dock in the morning each day.

photo (12)

I could go on …. Satuday was Monte Carlo Night! Then, it’s on to Thanksgivings Day prep! By-the-way there’s still time to get in on our November “pay 1/2 up front” promo – but hurry! It’s only good until the end of this month!!







Change is in the air

This past week the change in weather was definitely felt by Buenavista Beach Resort’s guests. With cooler nights and mornings now, our anglers now wait for their boats wearing parkas each morning. Gone also is the humidity and hopefully, the rainy season. Our drought days are over; replaced by a lush green desert and blooming gardens.

The billfish are still around, although this past week it was the stripers that were biting and the sailfish that got picky. One of the perks of greeting our guests at the ramp in the afternoon is getting to hear about their adventures that day. This time of year many of them aren’t here “just for fishing” so some have never caught and released a billfish before. 

 Young 19-year-old Nick Boyle from Essex, Vermont, has been coming here since he was 11 years old. On this trip, fishing with his dad Ken and friend Kenny Govan-Colyer, of Redondo Beach, Nick was able to do something he had never done here before – catch and release his first striped marlin. The fish was estimated at 120 pounds. His enthusiastic pride was contagious, as was his family’s. Congratulations Nick – another one checked off your list!

Holding the “Number One” spot in the fish counts for Buenavista Beach Resort guests were dorado, including a few larger ones this past week. And more anglers are sticking closer to home; the bank off La Ribera continues to produce well for a variety of species. Pompano and skipjack were also in the counts, as were roosters and sierra. Most of the roosters and sierra counts aren’t in the tallies since they were usually taken by our guests from the beach! The larger gallos (to 50 pounds) were released just offshore.

 This winter Buenavista Beach Resort will also be posting fishing reports from San Jose del Cabo and Gordo Banks since we moved two of our boats down there. The new Puerto Los Cabos Marina makes an excellent launching spot for our guests when it is better kite boarding than fishing weather up here.

Alex went out Sunday on the Eclipse’s and here’s what he caught.


He hooked up to this 224-pound tuna just as they started fishing at the inner Gordo. He striped a few squid and a jack crevalle and the tuna went after the belly of the jack crevalle. They fought it for almost 4 hours with our reels, filled with new line and backing. Alex fished the WON Tuna Jackpot for two days, rested one day and then got right back on it Sunday. His luck and skills may have failed him on the tournament days but they still continue! The picture is courtesy of Erik Brictson at Gordo Bank Pangas.

And finally, a tribute to our departed friend, Thomas Wollard, owner of the Senorita Bonita.  Born in Montana, the Newport Beach transplant moved his boat here from Florida by way of the Panama Canal on a barge after vacationing here in 2000. Finding his way back to Buenavista Beach Resort for the past three or four summers after that, he and his wife Debbie ran their charters out of our resort.


Debbie shared this photo of Tom, a very typical pose for a man who loved to laugh – whether you were laughing at him or with him. This is how he will always be remembered by the Valdez Family and staff. Friday Debbie sent him back to “the lake of Cortez” as he liked to call it. Rest in peace brother – you are missed!

Time for the sea monsters and neighbors

Halloween may be over but not the fun! Does anyone recognize this sea monster from the deep?


It’s a sea bass, caught by longtime Buenavista Beach Resort guest, and now neighbor, James Bull. Many of the local residences around here start out their Baja life staying with us and like the area so much they eventually build a home here. Such is the case with many of the homes around us.


Our chef Elmo stands behind James, as other longtime guests join him for a delicious dinner. Bringing their catch over for us to prepare, is a great way for our neighbors and ourselves to stay connected! It’s always fun to catch up and see photos of their kids and now, grandkids.

Another long-timer, now home owner here, Tom and friends, fished this past week, finding an excellent billfish bite. Here’s what tom had to say. “Dan and his son joined me for a day of fishing the day before we were to have a week of wind and waves from Tropical Storm Raymond. It was perfect, no wind, water was like glass and about 85 degrees. Except for about a 3-hour slow period in the middle of the day, we had knock downs and fish all day on the Alegria. The score for the day was 5 marlin, 1 sailfish and 1 dorado. The dorado was just enough for dinner for four, cooked at the resort.”


As Tom mentioned, we have had a few every late season systems pass by us on the other side (Pacific). No direct hits, but the last two, including Tropical Depression Eighteen-E, which is joining us now, have made the waters kind of rough. With weather patterns changing world-wide, it has been a little bit harder to predict when the storm season will end but this looks to be the last one finally! Stay tuned to read what we have planned for the winter season here at Buenavista Beach Resort.

This past week the squid returned, but still no tuna. Our anglers were not complaining though – there have been plenty of billfish to play with and lots of dorado for dinners!


Short but sweet

This week’s Buenavista Beach Resort’s fishing report is short but sweet. Sweet because the bite picked up again. It’s not that there haven’t been any fish; it’s just that finding many willing to bite was easier. Almost everyone got what they came for, or close to it. And short because, most of the fish were released.

Longtime guests (and friends) David and Lori Dial, who have been coming here for 23 years now, fished six days off and on during their stay. Fishing onboard the Alegria with Juan, they caught sailfish, striped marlin, dorado, a blue marlin, pargo and squid. The squid was used not only as chum but also for dinner, as was the pargo and some dorado.

Six-year vet to Buenavista Beach Resort, Roland Moreno from San Diego fished two days. One day inside and the other on the outside. Moreno’s tally for his trip was 2 released sails and 1 striped marlin released plus 3 more “long distant” releases offshore. The next day 4 dorado hit the deck to 30 pounds. He lost his bucket list wahoo just out of gaffing range as it took one last leap and spit out the hook. Moreno says he’ll be back next year to get the job done!

 Ronald Moreno

Yesterday (Thursday) the Jerry Dwyer group, also fishing on the Alegria with Juan, managed limits of dorado and released a blue marlin that Juan said was 300 – 350 pounds. As of this report, that would have been the winning fish in the Bisbee tourney going on right now in Los Cabos. By the way – our very own Axel Valdez is down there too, once again manning Tournament Control for the Bisbee’s Black & Blue tournament.

Guests at Buenavista Beach Resort have enjoyed incredible photo opportunities this past week. The beautiful pink, then yellow, turning to a brilliant bright white moon rose up; looking as if it were coming right out of the Sea of Cortez and guests were ready with camera in hand each night. And the interesting thing was – it didn’t seem to impact the bite for us much either! Talk about a win –win!

photo (5)


Oh those darling dodos!

If you were after dorado or billfish releases, Hotel Buenavista Beach Resort was the place to be this past week. Guests reported single, double and even triple hook ups at a time of striped marlin and sailfish. Anglers were filling up their ice chests with dorado, a few wahoo, pargo and groouper since no one could find the tuna after the wind came.

Here at Buenavista Beach Resort, we encourage and 95 percent of the time, release all billfish and marlin. But as hard as our captains, deckhands and guests try – they don’t always survive. Sure – there is the occasional angler or two that want to keep their “first ever” fish. And of course, when they do, the meat is never wasted. And as mentioned in a previous fishing report, Buenavista Beach Resort has partnered with Gray Taxidermy; the largest of its kind in the world. So thanks to modern technology, keeping the fish is no longer required. We simply measure the fish and then release it.

When a fish does not survive, the least we can do is honor it with a photo. Here’s the Pratt’s from Texas. Members of the Coastal Conservation Association, a non-profit organization spanning 17 coastal state chapters, this was the only fish they were not able to release. What a beauty!


With the occasional wind day upon us now, we are starting to share our beach and water with the occasional kiteboarder.  Wouldn’t it be cool to start your day fishing on the Sea of Cortez – and finish it up with a few hours flying just off our beach? Never tried it before? Come check it out – we’ll hook you up!


Planning ahead – our good buddy Joe Galindo knew the wind was coming up yesterday and opted to drive down to San Jose and fish on the Eclipse down there.

In the winter we keep the Eclipse down in San Jose so our guests have other options on windy days. But it’s too early to do that just yet. The reason the Eclipse was down there was because the Bisbee’s Black & Blue starts next Tuesday (10-22) and the Eclipse, with Alex at the helm are headed down to Cabo. Good luck to everyone in the tournament!

Jigging for tuna, Galindo and his buddy Lorenzo, soon here, ended up finding some grouper.

photo (5)

Close in or way out!

This past week we saw the water temperatures drop just a degree or two and there was a little shift in the currants. More noticeably, was the shift in the weather. Yes – it was still warm (well hot) at the beginning of the report period last Thursday. But at Hotel Buenavista Beach Resort, today (Friday) you could definitely feel a subtle change beginning to happen.

The feeling of fall is in the air and with it, some of our best weather and fishing of the year. There were not as many photos this past week, but that’s only because there were a lot of releases.

Dusty B II 3

We had 25 billfish released, comprised of striped marlin and sailfish. We also had a 200-pound blue marlin.

 Anglers looking for cow-sized tuna were disappointed after long runs offshore produced only sightings and no hook ups. But those that stayed close in found the footballs earlier in the week.

10-10 fr


 As the week progressed, we had a bunch of little dodos (100) but by the end of the week they started finding a little nicer quality fish like the ones in the photo here. From left to right are Roy Booker, Heiu Le and longtime guests David and Lori Dial. The Dial’s have been coming here for 23 years now!

 And to end up the report, guess who caught a ‘hoo yesterday?

Jesus Valdez

That would be Lt. Coronel Alonso Pérez González, right, President of Mexican Federation of Baseball. The longtime baseball player and his son Anuar Pérez  Esquivel were first time guests of Hotel Buenavista Beach Resort owner Jesus “Chuy” Valdez (left). Weighing in at 50 pounds and caught just off La Ribera, Don Valdez said an even larger one bite off the line. What a great first time experience and dinner they had!

Buds & Suds – Army/Navy – Go Teams!

It’s always nice to host annual tournaments here at Buenavista Beach Resort; we build such great friendships with these folks over the years. And the longtime repeats bring newbies, taking great pride in showing them the ropes – that’s always fun to watch as well!

This past week we had flyfishermen on the Mosca, so no photos there. These guys do it the hard way – no bait! And they usually release their fish as well. Mike O’Brien and his buddy sure have had some great stories to tell though. The one I liked was about the big bull dorado he landed and then released, while other charters around him watched him release a fish they probably would have saved for dinner.

Then there was the Buds & Suds Invitational Tourney with 22 boats involved. Once again, Jason Hawk did a wonderful job of organizing this event. Here’s a nice tuna from a few days ago during that event.


And here’s what Jason wrote about the event afterwards. “With 3 days of great weather, 2 days of great fishing at Buenavista Beach Resort, 22 teams competed for $43,900 in prize monies,” he said. “The 2013 Buds & Suds Contractor Invitational lived up to its billing as the Plumbing Industry’s Premier Big Game Sport Fishing Tournament.”

“The bite was definitely on fishing,” Jason said. “The 2-day tournament resulted in 89 Dorado, 36 Tuna, 1 Wahoo, 63 Sailfish, 20 Striped Marlin, and 2 Blue Marlin being caught. Having the opportunity to catch the trophy big gamefish you always dreamed of and network with leading contractors from all over North America; there was plenty of action both on and off the water.”

We also had longtime guests, Ron and Susan Hasse, with son and wife Mike and Gina with us fishing on the Dottie B. Yesterday they released 3 marlin and finished filling their ice chest.

Haase fam

But marlin weren’t the only thing being released this past week.


One of our neighbors likes to fish from our dock in the afternoons and watch what the boats bring in. This day, it was him bringing in the fish.


And now, it’ll be the Army & Navy Academy’s Big Gamefish tourney (both Axel and Esaul are graduates from here, too) This is their 4th year with us but Don Smith has been bringing his Rotary folks down here for the past 10 or 15 years. So bringing this new event here was a no-brainer for him.

And lastly, Buenavista Beach Resort is hosting the Los Cabos Charter Boat Sweepstakes on November 22 & 23 (Friday & Saturday). It’s free to enter and there’re bucks to be made! And we are sweetening the pot even more with a Special Deal for 4 days and 3 nights, 1 day fishing, transfers to and from airport and breakfast. Follow this link to find out how to sign up for the tourney. You’ll be competing with anglers from San Jose and Cabo for some great prizes! Call or email us for details about our package deal for this event at: 01800-752-3555(toll free) or email: